Innovative Solutions for Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

Our Currently Featured Technologies Include:

Direct PFAS Removal from Untreated Wastewater

Foam Fractionation to Remove PFAS! 

We have teamed up with The Water and Carbon Group to offer its innovative foam fractionation technology called The LEEF System® as a low-energy PFAS extraction and volume reduction system.  The system removes up to 100% of targeted PFAS compounds to below the analytical limits of detection within a short operating time.

High Salinity & Brine Management

New Technologies to Evaporate Brine  

Our innovative nature-based systems greatly enhance evaporation of wastewater, including high salinity brine that is 30% TDS or higher.  Our wind-based intensified evaporation system is like a vertical evaporation pond, while the salt-loving microbes we use for brine ponds significantly enhance evaporation in brine ponds!

Clear Creek Environmental is dedicated to providing today’s most innovative and sustainable solutions to solve some of the most complicated wastewater treatment and disposal problems across a wide range of industries.  Our tagline of ‘Finding a Better Way’ is truly a driving force in this company and is continuously carried out by our seasoned experts bringing decades of experience together with an insatiable drive to innovate.  Our combination of internal expertise with ‘Natural’ and traditional solutions, along with partnerships forged with today’s greatest innovators allows us to take the best from different industries and apply them to your project.  Whenever cutting-edge science is combined with practical field experience, great things happen.  That’s exactly what clients can expect when working with us.

For those who wish to reduce costs, liability, and carbon footprint, Clear Creek Environmental can offer GREEN solutions to achieve aggressive sustainability goals.  Whether you are in need of immediate assistance with a short-term emergency, or if you need a custom-designed, turn-key, permanent system, we can help.

Helping your facility and community maintain PEACE OF MIND.


Some of the most exciting research in treatment technologies today involve using natural processes to solve industrial problems.  Systems that strategically take advantage of solar radiation, evaporation, evapotranspiration, wind movement, plants, microbes, fungi, and other biological activity to treat contaminants in water have been shown to be extremely well-suited for the task if applied correctly.  This is our specialty.  We create bridges between these latest approaches and actualization in industry.

Are you looking for a technology to treat PFAS? We can help.


Do you want to treat or reduce your BRINE wastewater?  We offer some of the most cutting-edge natural systems available today.


Are you curious if a PLANT-BASED SYSTEM for treatment or disposal is right for your facility?  We are experts. 


Interested in a No-Capital Cost Option?


At Clear Creek Environmental, we understand that each scenario has unique site characteristics, needs, flow, and concentrations in your contaminated water.  Contact us today to discuss your situation and follow us on social media.