About Us

Landfill Leachate

In 2013, a group of environmental professionals experienced in remediation and treatment systems wanted to find a better way to manage liquid waste by providing cutting edge, innovative, and environmentally sound solutions.  We started out dedicated solely to providing Natural Systems to the solid waste industry, so we established Leachate Management Specialists, LLC.  Since then, Founder and President Brad Granley has helped change the way the solid waste industry views leachate disposal.


Industrial Wastewater

As we grew, our expertise and available technologies branched out so we are now able to serve more industries and clients.  Combining our Natural Systems for liquid waste with our decades of experience designing and coordinating remediation projects, we created our non-landfill environmental services division doing business as Clear Creek Environmental Solutions.


Our vision is to continue to change the practices of industries by promoting and greatly expanding the use of GREEN, sustainable natural systems for the disposal of liquid waste so environmental impacts are significantly reduced, all while saving millions for our clients and partner firms.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to every project and to each individual environmental manager is that we will:

  • Provide outstanding technical expertise
  • Always work in our client’s best interest, unquestionably
  • Leverage our client’s resources (time and capital) wisely, as if they were our own, and
  • Try to make our client’s day just a little bit easier through each interaction by solving problems and moving projects forward