Recent On-Site Demonstrations with the LEEF System® for PFAS Removal

Over the last few months, our solid waste division and The Water and Carbon Group (WCG) completed two on-site demonstrations of the LEEF System® for PFAS removal with eight different landfill leachates in Virginia and Tennessee.  Its specialized foam fractionation process directly removes PFAS from raw, untreated leachate and wastewater.  The leachates had vastly different […]

Clear Creek’s PFAS Solutions

Clear Creek Environmental provides equipment, media, controls, and design for PFAS-impacted water and disposal of contaminated media and firefighting foam. Our team provides turn-key treatment systems that can remove PFAS compounds down to non-detect levels. Call us today to achieve your PFAS solutions!

CCES Has a New Video about the WAIV™ System

CCES worked with New Product Consulting, Inc to develop a short animated video about the Wind-Aided Intensified eVaporation (WAIV™)  system to introduce the technology and show how it can dispose of large volumes of liquid waste, providing on-site industrial wastewater disposal solutions.  Check it out:

CCES’s Landfill Division Publishes Article about Forest Preserve Project

Our senior project manager Eric Wiediger recently wrote an article for Waste Advantage Magazine about the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County in Illinois. Our landfill division collaborated with them in designing and installing a 14.5-acre leachate Phyto-Utilization™ system as part of their comprehensive management of a closed landfill. Read the full article here.

CCES’s Landfill Division Receives Approval for WAIV™ System in KY

Clear Creek Environmental Solution’s landfill division Leachate Management Specialists (LMS) recently received approval from the Kentucky DEP to install and operate a Wind-Aided Intensified eVaporation system to dispose of leachate at a landfill in the state.  WAIV™ is an innovative technology originally used in the global desalination industry that strategically uses wind energy to evaporate large […]

Introducing Clear Creek Environmental Solutions!

In 2017, a group of environmental professionals who specialize in providing natural treatment and disposal solutions for wastewater created Clear Creek Environmental Solutions (CCES).  We started out dedicated solely to providing natural systems to the solid waste industry, so we established Leachate Management Specialists, LLC.  Since then, Founder and President Brad Granley has helped change […]