Clear Creek Brine Solutions

Microbially Enhanced Brine Evaporation
Wind-Aided Intensified eVaporation (WAIV®)

If your facility produces brine, whether from desalination, mining, oil and gas production, water reuse activities, or any other industrial process, then undoubtedly there have been challenges to determine the best method(s) to manage it.  This can be especially true for a brine which is highly saline or contains other difficult-to-treat contaminants. Concerns for compliance, the possibility of disrupting manufacturing, or even turning away business may result.  Options are limited and traditional solutions can be both capital intensive and operationally expensive.

Clear Creek Environmental is able to offer an exclusive combination of alternate brine management technologies to help our clients overcome current limitations and solve problems with unique and cost-effective methods.  For lower salinity brines, our WAIV® technology is described below.  For higher salinity brines, let Clear Creek "run the numbers" for you.  Our simple, microbe-based solution (described below) will speak for itself. 

Or, for customers who wish to take a brine from lower to higher saline conditions with a strong potential for a ZLD system, these two technologies can be used in combination.  In all cases, our goals are always to: minimize capital expenditure, decrease recurring operational costs, and keep a facility in compliance while avoiding disruption to upstream processes.

Clear Creek Environmental provides cutting-edge, proprietary technologies that treat and eliminate brine and other wastewaters as described below


YES!  This unique, biologically based method of significantly enhancing evaporation of highly saline brine is relatively unknown (for now), but has been developed over a 35+ year career of one of the world’s foremost microbiologists.  Clear Creek now can offer this specialized technology through a distributorship with the developer.  The technique leverages the activity of halophilic (salt loving) microorganisms in a way that greatly increases the evaporation rate of brine from evaporation ponds.  A unique characteristic of this technology is that the higher the salt content, the more effective it is, even with salt concentrations of 100,000 mg/L (10%) to 300,000 mg/L (30%) and higher.

The GREEN technology uses no energy, has no mechanical equipment, will reduce a facility’s carbon footprint, and is simple to implement.

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Test Jars Before and After


Another solution for lower saline wastewater is an innovative system that utilizes wind energy for intensified evaporation called Wind Aided Intensified eVaporation, or WAIV®.  The process strategically utilizes wind to evaporate liquid by creating a high density of wetted surface area within a small footprint.  Wind naturally passing through the system causes rapid evaporation of large volumes of liquid.