Slope Stabilization

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Photographs are from members of The Vetiver Network International, which promotes the use of vetiver systems for sustainable projects throughout the world.

Slope instability can become a headache for many civil engineering projects and industrial facilities.  An effective method for preventing and repairing these problems is using plants and trees to secure the soil layer in place and soak up any extra runoff.  Two powerful solutions include the use of hybrid poplar trees and vetiver grass.

Vetiver's extensive root system keeps slopes intact, minimizes erosion, and reduces runoff.  The roots also stabilize and absorb heavy metals and other contaminants to remediate in-situ and prevent off-site migration.  Heavy metals stay in the root rhizosphere, so leaf cuttings are safe for use as mulch, erosion control, biomass energy production, or other productive purposes.

Additional vetiver bioengineering applications include:

  • Erosion control
  • Disaster mitigation (i.e. flood zones, landslides)
  • Prevention and control of landfill seeps
  • Groundwater protection
  • Establishment of turf in difficult areas
  • Protection of crops and rehabilitation of farmland
  • Pest control

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