Landfill Leachate


A large portion of landfill operational budgets is consumed by the cost of handling leachate, the liquid that drains from a landfill.  Leachate management accounts for approximately 35% of a landfill’s annual non-labor operating expenses, and can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars for an individual landfill.

Leachate often contains elevated levels of contaminants.  By federal law, it requires extensive and expensive treatment and disposal throughout the landfill’s active life, and for at least 30 years after it has been closed.  Historically, leachate disposal has been limited to costly options such as hauling to a wastewater treatment plant or operating an on-site treatment system.

CCES's solid waste division doing business as Leachate Management Specialists, LLC (LMS) provides clients with alternative, GREEN technologies for leachate.  Our systems can operate at open and closed landfills across the country, including pre-Subtitle D, interim areas of open facilities, and closed Subtitle D landfills.  We have collaborated with some of the largest solid waste companies in the USA, including Republic Services, WCA Waste Corporation, and Waste Management.

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