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Removing PFAS from water with high-capacity systems that are SMALLER, FASTER and more COST-EFFECTIVE.

We now offer a low-energy PFAS extraction and volume reduction system using foam fractionation! Check it out!

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Ex-Situ Remediation Water   |   Municipal Water Supply   |   Industrial Wastewater

Impacted Storm Water Ponds   |   Private and Government Sectors   |   Airports   |   Landfills

Marine Ports   |   Petroleum and Chemical Facilities   |   Numerous Others

Our Team's Experience:

  • Treatment of PFAS concentrations ranging from 90 ppt to over 300,000 ppt to within regulatory limits or non-detect levels
  • PFAS system flow rates from 5 to 1,800 gpm
  • More than 20 systems installed or under construction, and growing regularly!
  • Millions of gallons already treated
  • Very active in research and development

What We Offer:

  • Equipment, media, controls, & design
  • Quick turn-around for full-scale systems
  • Modular designs to fit your facility's needs
  • Systems that are smaller, faster, and cheaper
  • Fewer media change-outs = less waste
  • Disposal services for media, AFFF, and materials
  • Immediate response with mobile units
  • Reliability, confidentiality, & compliance

Helping you and your community maintain PEACE OF MIND

Activated carbon and ion exchange resin for water treatment. Technological background. Filter mixture for water purification
Soil Excavation
Intermediate bulk container with metallic barrels, 3D rendering isolated on white background
  • Foam Fractionation: Through a partnership with The Water and Carbon Group (WCG), we now offer its foam fractionation process called The LEEF System® as a low-energy PFAS extraction and volume reduction system. Based in Australia, WCG developed the LEEF System® to treat highly contaminated wastewater such as landfill leachate or brine streams from industrial or mining activities. A key feature is that pre-treatment is typically not required for direct PFAS removal.  Learn more here!

  • Ion Exchange (IX): The exchange of ions between a solid substance (i.e. resin) and an aqueous solution. We offer systems with a proprietary resin with the dual removal mechanisms of ion exchange and adsorption built into each bead for maximum uptake of PFAS compounds. Learn more about our IX systems.

  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC): The adsorption of compounds to a porous carbon material.  Affordable and effective at removing PFAS compounds.  Although we find that IX is typically better for most facilities, GAC may be the best solution for you.

  • Mobile Treatment Units: We offer mobile units for emergency response, dewatering, pilot testing, and storage tank cleaning. 

  • Disposal Services: Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), GAC/IX media, and impacted soil and materials

Already have a system in place?  Consider us for less costly carbon and resin replacement and exchange services. 

We can also evaluate your system to ensure you have the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

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