Industrial Wastewater Rapid Response

Cleaning Water Jars

Sometimes a project simply requires a bigger hammer.  In those cases, our expertise, combined with the latest from a wide selection of innovative technologies chosen to suit your site, allows CCES to provide immediate relief to our clients to address difficult situations where wastewater treatment and disposal is required for high-flow and/or highly contaminated wastewater streams.  We are able to guarantee treatment to POTW limits, to surface water discharge limits, or even to drinking-water quality standards, if required.  If we don’t meet limits, you don’t pay.

  • Mobilize quickly to treat wastewater to drinking water standards if necessary for metals, VOCs, TSS, TDS, PFCs, NH3, biological parameters, and many others.
  • We install our systems with no capital investment from the client (i.e. no financial risk).
  • No long-term contractual commitment required.
  • We safely operate our systems with fully trained and qualified specialists, so that you can focus on your core business instead of worrying about ours.
  • We charge only per gallon treated to the required standards.  If we don’t perform, we don’t get paid.
  • Our services can often be a solid interim action which can save thousands to millions of dollars, and our systems can be transitioned into long term use if desired.
  • Offers reduced liability and carbon footprint, environmental benefits, and positive PR.